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Autograder-STZ LLC

«Autograder-STZ» LLC (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

  • Trading and intermediary activities. Foreign economic activity
  • Components and assemblies repair of road building machines
  • Company’s geography: entire territory of Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakstan
  • Office area — 150 sq.m. Warehouse area 1000 sq.m.
  • Total of working — 24 per.

«Autograder-STZ» LLC is trade and manufacturing company, which was created in 1998. The company mission is industrial supply of spare for highroad and municipal engineering and other equipment. The company is situated in Northwestern Federal District of Russia, Saint Petersburg city. This city is the second largest in Russia and it is capital of the North. It has sea port and advanced transport infrastructure; Saint Petersburg is является strategically city for working with foreign partners

ОOffice and warehouse are situated on the same area, which conveniently located closed to the ring road and city center with comfort drop-off for heavy trucks. The warehouse is equipped by hoist equipment.

There are a total of 25 workers; most of them work over 7 years in the company and have a college degree. Main part of amount of business is spare for highroad and municipal engineering, hydraulic elements, components and assemblies of highroad engineering as well as expendable materials for highroad and municipal engineering. Company’s geography is entire territory of Russia, the Republic of Belarus and Kazakstan. Since 2006 it was opened the new direction for sales, service and rent of road building machines, which was out in the separate sub-company “Alabama” LLC in 2007. For this company was bought maintenance-and-supply base with area 6000 sq.m. The base has close section for materiel maintenance (near 900 sq. m) and parking for repair and own equipment (near 5000 sq.m).

At the present time this company includes 8 units of equipment (land leveler, telehandler, digging machine), which work in objects of Saint Petersburg and Leningrag region all year. “Alabama” LLC has own service too.

«Autograder-STZ» LLC is a party to Foreign economic activity since 2007. During this time it was turned the effective cooperation with expendable materials European manufactories, such as Borox International, UnionOcel, Combi Wear Parts, Metalogenia, Metallurgica and other.

Company together with Swedish partner Borox International AB take part in exhibition CTT (Construction equipment and technologies) annually in Moscow since 2011.

At the present time «Autograder-STZ» LLC is all around trade and manufacturing company, who can make single order at spare delivery and road machinery assembly repair, also complex order of spare for large plants. We always try to find something new and modernize our daily work in order to abreast with spare and technics market tendency and minimize the cost for our clients: for example, our engineers have already invented several variants of universal knifes, which match to different equipment brands and use minimum labor costs and financial expenditure for adaptation. We are contacting with top technical universities of Saint -Petersburg for co-developing of hi-tech products for highroad and municipal engineering.

Foreign economic department optimize supply chains of import cargo permanently because of logistical and brokerage service market monitoring, which minimize time of customs clearing of our cargo. We have two sites; one of them addressed expendable materials only. Both sites are filled, edited and exploited permanently. We have own designers, who make different catalogues, brochures, product description for clients. We will plan to open Moscow’s branch by the end of 2014 year. It has already done the territory with equipped and wide warehouse, and the direct Moscow number for clients has already worked. Our company is the amiable client for banks which indicates the positive reputation and good financial indicators which allow getting finance on accessible conditions if necessary. «Autograder-STZ» LLC permanently works in search of new activities and engage in responsible partners.

Company’s site: http://www.autograder.ru/