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Gidrorul LLC

Hydrorul LLC (Moscow, Russia)

Our company has over 20 years in the Russian market of building and highroad engineering.

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    Hydrorul LLC was appeared on base of STEERING SYSTEM laboratory of VNII Stroidormash. Being designer lots of hydrosteering design, such as OKR and OKP types, which successfully using in native and foreign equipment with Russian patents,the company continue the research, directed on new design creation, performance enhancement and reliability growth of steering system .

    Hydrorul LLC is rightholder of absolute licence to manufacture and realization of uniquely products in Russia: Servo unit SAD type (production patented by Russia, Ukraine, the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria and Germany).  

    Basic directions of company are:

·         Manufacturing application and R&D support of new hydrosteering design;

·         Spare parts support of road and building organizations and complete equipment delivery;

·         Repair and diagnosis of steering system and hydraulic components in warranty or post-warranty period;

·         Major repair and diagnosis of hydroshift transmission;

·         Diagnosis and adjustment of hydraulic system with technician's visit to customer (Moscow and Moscow region).

    Hydrorul LLC has spacious warehouse with area 300 sq.m.     P1010638-1.jpg

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   Hydrorul LLC has own technical center, equipped with hydraulic stands, on which carry out guarantee maintenance and maintenance operations of hydrosteering, hydraulic components and hydroshift transmission. 100_8148.jpg

    Hydrorul LLC is permanent exponent CTT (Construction equipment and technologies), which hold in Moscow annually.

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 Company’s site: http://www.gidrorul.ru/