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Gear pump 3SP G29D SAE B-14G


Gear pump 3SP G29D SAE B-14G of the 3 group with SAE B / Clockwise rotation  / suction port is located on the rear cover, pressure port is on the front flange, with an additional seal on the shaft / body is made of aluminium, flange and cover are of cast iron

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Main characteristics

Code 3SP G29D SAE B-14G
Base unit pcs.
Producer GALTECH
Group Group 3
Displacement, sm3/rew 29,3
Max. Speed, rpm 3300
Min. speed, rpm 500
Max. flow rate, l/min 96,6
Max. continuous pressure, bar 240
Max. intermittent pressure, bar 260
Max. peak pressure, bar 280
Rotation Сlockwise
Body material Aluminum body, cast iron flange and cover
Flange type SAE B
Shift type Splined profile SAE A 9T 16/32 DP, z= 13
Suction BSPP 1''
Delivery BSPP 3/4''
Dimension A (see the description), mm 174
Dimension B (see the description), mm 150
Dimension C (see the description), mm 134,3